Don’t Look For Someone Who Will Save You

Growing up watching fairy tales and Disney movies, I was forced to believe in the idea that a handsome prince charming riding a horse would save a damsel in distress like me.  As I grew older, I have realized that I’ve watched way too much movies about princesses being saved by this faultless and impeccable prince. Instead of looking for someone who will save me, I focused on saving myself first. After a series of heartbreaks, I’ve gotten to know myself better. In the process of losing myself, I grew to become a better person.

Going into the world of dating is an eye opening experience which taught me the importance of self-love.

It is necessary before you commit into a relationship, even when you chat online with someone. In the wise words of Rupaul, «If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?» It sounds cliche but it’s definitely true. It has been said many times because people always think that loving yourself is a selfish act. If looked into the right perspective, self-love is actually the opposite of it. As you get to know your strengths, weaknesses and limits as a person, you will realize what kind of love you truly deserve. Self-discovery helps you find the right definition of love for you.  When you are able to discover your true self, you are more ready to share a part of you to someone else.

When you think you are ready to fall in love again, prepare yourself to be hurt.

It will be an endless cycle of pain and risks so you need to prepare yourself emotionally and mentally. Don’t waste your time looking for the ideal guy. In the real world, you will never find the perfect person for you. The idea of having a soul mate is a myth. True love is finding the person who understands you in spite of all your flaws. If you find that person, it will all be worth it.

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