Do not believe that kissing a man with closed eyes

Why do you want to close your eyes when kissing? Not closed eyes of lovers kissing really do not trust you? In a sense this is totally bluffing and stereotypes.

Honey, why do not you eyes closed, if this love makes you intoxicated?

At what point would you close your eyes? Please do not say that the answer is justsleep, when you put your heart to enjoy one thing, you will unconsciously close your eyes curtain. Ate a very delicious pudding, listening to a beautiful music, you will not help but closed her covered with melted under his eyes, sigh, Terrific, while in the lips and teeth with favorite people connected, if you are for such sweet and dumping, even if not intentionally, for the reaction that you will naturally be eyelids close up, enjoy this romantic moment.

So at this moment still staring eyes of men, it is difficult to convince people he was whole-heartedly enjoy. We will inevitably wonder if he was still not love, this action just routine for him, or take fun nature to the game.

Interestingly, not long ago a well-known site concluded a psychological investigation into the habit of kissing guess to prove. The results showed that the boys eyes closed in the greatest degree of pay dimension scores were significantly higher than Zheng Yanjing boys, they will give lovers more selfless caring, spiritual or material help. The corresponding closed eyes of the women in trust dimension scores were significantly higher than Zheng Yanjing female.

Honey, why do not you eyes closed, does our love make you insecure?

Keep your eyes open eyes to see things in addition to, but also alert and panic performance. Japan, a study says ancient disorder in males seize the female period, the male and female in any intimate activity when they can not close their eyes to hinder side attack. In the advanced stage of human evolution, behavior has changed a lot, but this habit is still preserved, is uneasy for a relationship, he would open eyes to prevent an imaginary enemy.

There is an interesting example comes from nonhuman biosphere, hundreds of years ago the Canadian Mist in the forest, there is a strange bird, brutal killing of animals. Slowly, in a dense forest Lancaster appeared a strange phenomenon, many animals and plants are grown one or two false eye. For example Mist butterfly wings grow a symmetrical eyes; flat leaf grass also leaves grow a pair of black eyes patterns. These eyes so that plants and animals have been nice if they awoke with a frightened expression, in order to alert intruders. Later, with the griffin extinct eyes of these plants and animals gradually degraded, and give birth to a beautiful floral pattern.
The eyes are the windows of the soul, maybe your he has a hidden subliminal but then this feeling, when you do not want to kiss him quietly closed his eyes. It is worth recalling, this sense of insecurity in the competition for the opposite sex is not as ancient as naked, it may be hidden in the man unconscious, even he himself did not know.

Honey, why do not you eyes closed, unless you want me to be embarrassed?

Shy love is the most beautiful emotion. Lover kissing sweet flushing though make you feel charming, but in order not to make the other side into distress or embarrassment, while he can wholeheartedly appreciate this close contact and the wonderful feeling of love, or do the whole process on her salute better.

Kissing Do not open your eyes there is a reason to avoid such a close intimate contact with each other when you see the faces of the poor may appear unpleasant expressions or certain facial features. According to information from National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University’s Yangzhe Ming (sound) professor said: The feeling of kissing cause some load, close your eyes and you can naturally reduce this burden from the visual theory, kissing mutual see only vague non-dimensional facial features, which may cause the parties produce unpleasant feeling. Therefore, in order to avoid this unpleasant feeling, people will instinctively close your eyes when kissing. Simple point that no woman would be seen in this romantic moment freckles, blackheads. And too close, people’s eyes will be out of focus, or you want to become cross-eyed, or you hugged his girlfriend, but it is now reflected eyes distant poles, so what is the significance wide open.

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